Hi i'm Anthony and i am the owner of Anthony Jackson Media.

This page will tell you a little bit about myself, the team, what we do and why we do it!

Who are we?

We are a team of creative individuals who work together to provide an affordable but quality service. I personally aim to give the client as much value for $ so that they can re-live the memories time and time again. Myself (Anthony) am an editor for both Photos + Video, Photographer, Videographer and Director of the company. I have 5 freelance staff that make up my team and who also have their own business in the industry. 

Where are we based?

We are mainly based on the Gold Coast with some of our team closer to Brisbane. We cover an area up to  3 hours from the Gold Coast which generally covers the Gold Coast, Brisbane, byron Bay, Sunshine Coast + Toowoomba.

What do we do?

Weddings are the name of the game, it's what we love and being able to capture a couples wedding day. I personally shoot all engagement shoots and run a studio from home covering anything from families to pets as well as being a full time editor.

When did we start?

I got qualified and shot my first wedding at 18, I then kept it as a hobby until the fear of working a 9-5 j.o.b for someone else kicked in and i wanted to live a life full of travel and creativity. Anthony Jackson Media was started in 2015 whilst i worked in the fitness industry. I filmed live entertainment shows, bodybuilding and figure competitions, sport events and anything i could to to learn what i could.

Why do we do what we do?

Creativity, Passion, Love. Three simple values i enforced upon myself and it's the values we all share when we work together as a team.

Working as a team has a sense of satisfaction and the final product always speaks for itself.

2020 Anthony Jackson Media Brisbane/Gold Coast/Byron Bay